Who We Help

Who We Help

Through the development of more than 550 housing projects, HomeAid has housed more than 330,000 people who would have otherwise remained homeless.

HomeAid identifies long-term, reputable nonprofits who are in need of additional capacity to house and provide resources and services to people experiencing homelessness. HomeAid pairs these nonprofits with our building partners, who donate their time, materials and labor to rehabilitate and build new spaces for those they serve.  Our model allows us to serve a variety of populations and needs, including:

  • Youth who have aged out of foster care
  • Victims of domestic violence and spousal desertion
  • Children who have become homeless due to a family crisis
  • Adults living with HIV/AIDS
  • Individuals and families suffering from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Developmentally disabled individuals
  • Families and individuals who are homeless as a result of job loss or illness
  • Veterans
  • People who are unable to secure decent, safe housing at an affordable rate
  • Pregnant teenagers

These are people who have experienced a life-altering event and need a second chance to get back on their feet — a place to regroup, catch their breath and regain independence. Every HomeAid project includes support services that help residents move toward self-sufficiency, such as education, job skills training, financial counseling, and physical and emotional support. 

To read stories of lives changed by HomeAid, please visit our Success Story Page.

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