Our Building Model

HomeAid has housed more than 330,000 people that would have overwise been homeless, through the development of more than 550 housing projects that have added more than 10,500 beds.  Thanks to the generosity of the building industry, their trades and suppliers, HomeAid has saved nonprofits more than $150 million in construction-related costs that have been reinvested into life-changing programs that moved men, women and children to the safety and comfort of home.  

Our Building Model

HomeAid builds homes. We are a unique, collaborative nonprofit organization that partners with home builders to develop land and build and maintain homes, apartments and shelters for nonprofit organizations serving those experiencing homelessness. HomeAid matches licensed, professional, insured home builders with a project that fits their scope and size of work and charitable interests.

This match allows our nonprofit partners to focus their energy and resources on providing direct services people experiencing homelessness while builders provide construction-related technical assistance, in-kind labor, and donated materials to build homes that are equal quality to its neighbors at a fraction of the cost. 

Our three-step process is simple and proven:

  • Identify and select a reputable nonprofit serving homeless populations that is in need of construction services to expand their capacity to serve their community. HomeAid builds new facilities or renovates existing structures. 
  • Recruit a volunteer builder captain who manages the construction of the facility and assists in securing trade partners (plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, etc.) to provide in-kind labor, materials or services to substantially reduce construction costs. 
  • Work together to build or renovate the facility, with a goal of serving a larger number of children, women and men experiencing homelessness. When complete, the facility is owned and operated by the nonprofit HomeAid has built on behalf of.

The diagram below depicts how HomeAid Works.  HomeAid America creates and supports the local chapter who reaches out to local nonprofits serving the homeless, offering to build or renovate new facilities for them.  The chapter then solicits builders and trade partners to undertake the building of the housing, turning the finished projects over to the service providers.  Community leaders and government officials are also recruited to lend their input and support into the process.

The HomeAid model is the gift that keeps on giving. The homes we build are often used as a “transitional place” for a family or individual to get back on their feet. Once they stabilize and reach independence, the HomeAid home in which they were living becomes available for the next person or family in need of assistance.

Maximizing Each Dollar

The key to HomeAid’s success is our ability to leverage in-kind donations of building materials and the labor of professional builders well beyond the cash donations that are received for the housing project. Through our industry contacts and the contributions of in-kind donations from building partners, HomeAid multiplies the effect of every cash dollar received two-to-three fold, truly differentiating HomeAid from other organizations. In terms of return on investment (ROI) and increasing the retail value of our finished housing projects, the HomeAid model remains unparalleled in the nonprofit world.


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