Jesus' Story

A Fresh Start for a Father and His Son

"Thank you all for the time and effort put into making this project possible. My son and I are more than grateful for the blessings. My son is so happy he is at a loss for words. As my son said, this is a fresh start for us. It is recovering a dream that I had lost a while ago, and now I have regained hope since living life in a different way.  I have practiced patience, open-mindedness, and I have been willing to trust in God to provide what I need. To have housing is stability in my life. It will help me build skills that I need to be independent. Most of all, your help has shown me that God is alive and well. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope someday I too, can have an impact on people like you have had in my life. God Bless you!"

Jesus R., Army Veteran 

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