HomeAid pays tribute to General William Lyon

July 13, 2020

General William Lyon was truly a visionary and dynamic leader who willingly and unselfishly gave his time and talent to make our community and country a better place.  This dedication ultimately impacted countless lives of youth, families and individuals over the years.  His generous heart came in many forms and was felt through our connections with his family and every employee of William Lyon Homes.  His legacy will live on forever in HomeAid’s story, through the strength of a shelter or the playfulness of a playhouse.  We are eternally grateful for the imprint he left on those experiencing homelessness in HomeAid Orange County,HomeAid Inland Empire, HomeAid Norterh California, HomeAid Colorado, HomAid San Diego, HomeAid Utah, and HomeAid Puget Sound. 

We are forever grateful for his compassion, vision and leadership. To learn more about the history and legacy he leaves behind in HomeAid’s story click here , and to read more on his remarkable life accomplishments read the story here.

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