The following list includes frequently asked questions regarding the Chapter Expansion process:

What are the key benefits of establishing a HomeAid chapter?
HomeAid serves several key needs of local service providers working with the homeless in their communities. Primarily, through the building of housing they need to shelter those experiencing homelessness.  Secondly, by conducting community outreach activities to support these service providers’ programs to assure adequate wrap-around services are available to their residents.

Also, a HomeAid chapter’s work gives homebuilders and their partners an outlet to give back to the community in a meaningful and sustainable way. Over time, this consistent involvement reflects well within the ranks of the building industry and its associations, instilling a strong sense of pride as well as generating goodwill for the building industry. HomeAid’s results also make an impact with community leaders who influence decisions that affect local builders and developers.

How long does it take to start a HomeAid chapter?
It varies greatly from one location to another. Our proven methodology for starting a chapter can take as little as a few months or as long as a few years. It depends on the breadth and depth of commitment demonstrated by the local building industry and/or its homebuilders association.

Who pays the operational expenses associated with a HomeAid chapter once it is created?
While HomeAid America often provides seed-funding grants to help launch a new chapter, each chapter of HomeAid is ultimately responsible for its own funding and governance. The Executive Director will be trained by HAA in all facets of their job, including leading a successful fundraising program. The Board’s involvement is particularly critical in this effort, both to chip in with seed funding at the outset and then helping the ED conduct fundraising activities adequate to sustain the chapter for the current year and beyond (best practice is to have 6-9 months of operating expenses in reserve).

What types of obligations does the local HomeAid chapter have to when it starts a chapter?

The HomeAid chapter and its HBA/BIA partner (if applicable) does have responsibilities to fulfill its charter and license agreement with HomeAid America.  These include but are not limited to: hiring a full-time Executive Director, maintaining a solid and engaged Board of Directors, maintaining a fundraising program adequate to sustain the chapter, implementing the HomeAid housing development and community outreach programs, and providing public awareness of the chapter and its activities. On the housing side, HomeAid asks that the chapter complete on average of at least one project every twelve months.

Do I have to be affiliated with a local NAHB affiliate to start a HomeAid chapter?
HomeAid is a building industry charity and we greatly prefer to work with the local HBA/BIAs when expanding into a new market. HomeAid America always approaches the local NAHB affiliate first when we are considering these new markets. If the affiliate is not interesting in being involved with a HomeAid chapter, but HAA believes a chapter is justified and needed in that market, we will find other industry partners to assist with the effort.  The HBA/BIA can then get involved once the chapter is set up if they so desire.

Are there any HomeAid chapter Executive Directors or HBA/BIA Officers with whom I can speak about HomeAid?
Yes, any one of our current chapter Executive Directors would be glad to speak to you, as well as the partner HBA/BIA Executive Officers that we work with. You can contact Chapter Development Director Robin Arnett via email at rarnett@homeaid.org and she will put you in touch with a local HomeAid chapter ED who can speak to you about the HomeAid model and experience.

Who do I contact to find out more information about how to start a HomeAid chapter?
Contact Chapter Development Director Robin Arnett via email at rarnett@homeaid.org or by phone at 949-777-1660 and she will answer your basic questions and arrange further contacts.

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