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HomeAid America Launches 2017 Homelessness Awareness Month

HomeAid America, a building industry charity and one of the nation’s largest builders of housing for the homeless, is spending the entire month of November holding events and undertaking activities to highlight and help to end hunger and homelessness in this country. The annual event is called HomeAid’s Homelessness Awareness Month.

“Homelessness remains a huge problem in this country,” said Peter Simons, CEO of HomeAid America, the national charity that was founded 28 years ago as a way for the building industry to give back to the community by addressing the issue of homelessness. According to the National Law Center on Homelessness, every year alone over 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness, and well over 1 million of them are children. The causes of homeless are many, including job loss, medical crisis, domestic abuse, alcohol or drug addiction, and post-traumatic stress syndrome in veterans. It is estimated that 80% of the homeless are only situational and can be moved back to self-sufficiency.

“For the richest country in the world to allow so many to go unfed and unsheltered is a national tragedy, and one we can do something about,” said Simons. “HomeAid’s Homelessness Awareness Month is a time to focus on this problem, have a genuine discussion about solutions, and take action to get this societal problem solved once and for all.”

With most of HomeAid’s 17 chapters expected to participate in the month-long effort, HomeAid is developing a calendar to help coordinate activities between chapters, focusing the four calendar weeks in November on 1) youth at risk, 2) veterans, 3) homeless families, and 4) hunger. A major social media campaign will be launched on Facebook and on Twitter, using hashtags #areyouaware, #endhomelessness, and #takeactiontoday. This will make it easier for HomeAid chapters to localize national statistics. Some of the specific events and activities that are planned for the month include:

Nov 1—HA San Diego begins month long “30 ways in 30 days” campaign of activities
Nov 1—HA Atlanta hosts Kendra Scott Gives Back Event; begins “30 Ways in 30 Days” campaign
Nov 1—HA Sacramento begins two-week blanket drive
Nov 2—HA Orange County conducts Care Kits Day with Pacific Life
Nov 3—HA Los Angeles holds Mighty Ground Movie and Music event at Playa Vista
Nov 3—HA Houston’s Amazing Ladies Organization (HALO) luncheon event
Nov 3—HA Colorado participates in Veterans Stand Down event
Nov 10—HA Colorado concludes Care Kit Collection drive
Nov 11—HA Sacramento conducts Care Day at Salvation Army
Nov 13-17—HA Washington DC holds Care Kit collection drive
Nov 14—HA Inland Empire conducts a Care Kits Day with Red Robin Restaurant’s Women of Excellence
Nov 16—HA Northern California conducts toy drive with BIA Bay Area PASS
Nov 16—HA Southern Nevada holds California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser
Nov 24—HA Portland holds Black Friday fundraiser with Kabuki Strength
Nov 25—HA Orange County conducts major volunteer day at its new Family Care Center
Dec 1—HA Portland conducts Care Kit Drive at Builder Bash
Dec 8—HA Puget Sound conducts a Care Kits Day with Bank of America volunteers
Dec 9—HA Northern Virginia SEVA Truck and Winter Essentials delivery to tent cities

For a complete listing of HomeAid HHAM events, visit:

HomeAid is a leading national non-profit provider of housing for homeless families and individuals, founded in Southern California in 1989. Through the generosity of builders, their trades and their suppliers, HomeAid has completed 500 multi-unit housing projects nationwide at a value of more than $220 million, of which nearly 50 percent—over $100 million—has been donated by the building industry. HomeAid currently has 50 additional projects in development across the country. HomeAid has added over 10,000 beds in facilities helping the homeless through HomeAid’s network of 17 active chapters in 12 states across the country. These beds have been used by over 300,000 previously homeless people over HomeAid’s history. For more information about HomeAid, call 1-888-3HOMEAID or visit


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HomeAid America Launches 2017 Homelessness Awareness Month

HomeAid America is spending the entire month of November holding events and undertaking activities to highlight and help to end homelessness in this country. The campaign is called HomeAid’s Homelessness Awareness Month...More

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