The following list includes frequently asked questions regarding the chapter-expansion process:

Q. What are the key benefits of establishing a HomeAid chapter?
A. HomeAid serves several key needs of executive officers of local building industry associations or home builders associations (BIAs or HBAs) of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). First, through the building of community-centric, multi-unit housing for today’s homeless, the BIA has a demonstrable philanthropy to engage its members. HomeAid’s model enables BIA members to give back to the community by doing what they do best: build.

Second, the work performed by BIA members reflects well within the community and ranks of the BIA membership, instilling a strong sense of pride as well as generating goodwill and positive public relations for the Building Industry. HomeAid’s model makes an impact with community and political leaders who influence decisions that affect local builders and developers.

Third, HomeAid helps attract and retain members of the local BIA. HomeAid is a highly effective, ready-to-implement program that offers great service to a local BIA and its community.

Q: At a high level, how are HomeAid chapters started?

A: HomeAid has created a proven model that includes the following steps: 1) Identify a local building association and establish a HomeAid Chapter; 2) Select a community service provider and a project; 3) Recruit a builder who secures trade partners to provide in-kind labor, materials, and/or services; 4) Build or renovate a facility.

Q: How long does it take to start a HomeAid chapter?

A: It varies greatly from one location to another. Our proven methodology for starting a chapter can take as little as 22 weeks. More likely, to generate sufficient momentum for adoption of the chapter with the BIA membership and fulfill the legal requirements to create a chapter, the process typically takes several months.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for a BIA to start a chapter?

A: We have found that the HomeAid program is best-suited for BIAs and their corresponding communities that possess the following characteristics:

  • A regional metropolitan area with a minimum population of 350,000 (so the demonstrated need for our mission exists)
  • A strong BIA with a history of charitable activity and an executive officer who is open to the HomeAid program
  • Available builders who manage the building projects
  • A stable of qualified service providers that make suitable partners for a HomeAid chapter
  • Adequate, long-term funding sources.

Q: Who pays the operational expenses associated with a HomeAid chapter once it is created?
A: The BIA typically agrees to supplement the operational costs (i.e., office space, computers, etc.) until the chapter and Executive Director can begin to fundraise for those operational expenses. The chapter is usually self sufficient after the first 12-18 months.

Q: What types of obligations does the BIA have to build when it starts a chapter? Is there a certain amount of work or builds that must be performed?

A: The BIA does have responsibilities, including but not limited to: Chapter start up, legal paperwork, board development, operations, hiring a full-time Executive Director, fundraising, learning the HomeAid housing development program, and providing public relations. When a chapter signs the charter and license agreement, HomeAid asks that the chapter complete on average one (1) project every twelve (12) months.

Q: Do I have to be affiliated with a local NAHB affiliate to start a HomeAid chapter?

A: HomeAid is a building industry charity and, therefore, we exist through local BIAs. When expansion into a local market is being entertained, HomeAid national always provides the first right of refusal to the NAHB affiliate in that market. If the affiliate does not adopt a HomeAid chapter, then a building industry trade organization becomes the next option, such as the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP).

Q: Are there any BIA executive officers with whom I can speak about HomeAid?
A: Yes, any one of our current 15 BIA executive officers would be glad to speak to you. Please contact Chapter Development Director Robin Keesal via email at rarnett@homeaid.org or by phone at 757-227-3403, and she will put you in touch with an executive officer who can speak to you about the HomeAid model.

Q. Who do I contact to find out more information about HomeAid and starting a chapter?

A. Contact Chapter Development Director Robin Arnett via email at rarnett@homeaid.org or by phone at 757-227-3403.

Chapter Spotlight

HomeAid San Diego Receives Grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Many people are just one life event away from being homeless or needing to depend on basic needs services such as food and shelter. Through Bank of America's strategic philanthropic investments into nonprofits, HomeAid San Diego will use funding to rebuild lives for the area's homeless through housing development and outreach initatives. 

Donor Spotlight

Milgard Contributes to 5 HomeAid Housing Projects Across the Country

Milgard generously provided an in-kind donation of 229 windows and patio doors, significantly reducing construction costs for 5 HomeAid projects across the country, allowing HomeAid nonprofit partners to reinvest their capital into life-changing programs that will help more than 135 residents move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Outreach Spotlight

HomeAid Distributes 2.5 Million Baby Items to Families Experiencing Homelessness

5 HomeAid chapters hosted Essentials for Young Lives drives in their communities to collect diapers, wipes, formula and other baby items to help cost-burdened families who are struggling to make ends meet. Collectively over 2 million baby items were distributed, saving families faced with economic hardship over $600,000.